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[Wapkiz Tutorial] Nice And Advance Wapkiz Download Page Code For Your Wapkiz Site

Hey guy!!! Welcome to another 360GpTech Tutorial.

Today, we're gonna be teaching and well giving you guys "Nice And Advance Download Page Code for your Wapkiz Site".

Wapkiz naturally seems difficult in operating most especially to newbies, simply because it's a wap site. Even those that seems to have spent more times working on Wapka platform during it's booming tenor also finds it a little bit hard to operate as a result of not not possessing the same Characteristics or Features Wapka has.

Does that means one can't rock Wapkiz because it doesn't have features wap site(wapmaters) are familiar with? Hell No!!!

Today, we've then decided to give you guys an awesome Download Page code for your WapkiZ site.

Kindly follow the bellow steps to achieve your aim of rocking an advance DOWNLOAD PAGE for your adorable visitors.

STEP I: Create A New Page In Your Admin Panel.

Create a new page name then name it anything you like such as "downl" or "downloading" or "download-page" or down-loads" but make sure it's something you can remember in the future in order to always know your site file download statistics.

STEP II: Add The Below Code To The Page.

Now add this easy download page Code below to the page you just created..

NOTE: Don't edit anything there if you ain't good in codes.

Now save it and check out your result!!!

Wow!!! Finally! You've successfully created a Nice And Advance Download Page for your site.

You can change the CSS to your taste, pending on what you want.

NOTE: If you encounter any error while trying this tutorial, don't hesitate to make use of the comment box below, as we'll be eager to hear from you.

REMEMBER: Always visit for more interesting topics for your site.

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  1. Wapkiz download site tutorial are here
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  2. Wapkiz download site tutorial are here
    Visit => Click here to get wapkiz download site tutorial