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[ANDRIOD TUTORIAL] How to make your Andriod Phone move Faster and Speeding.

Hey Guys! Welcome to another 360GPTECH toturial. Today, We gonna be teaching You Guys step by steps followed with screenshots  [How to make your Andriod phone move Faster and speeding].  In less than 3 - 4 minutse You're done with this. Having a smart Andriod Phone that appear in slowlyness manner got You mad right ?  You're lucking to be here if it happen Your Andriod smart Phone exhibit exactly the problem discussing here. With the bellow steps and followed screenshot You can get rid of the slowlyness of Your Andriod phone.

[ANDRIOD TUTORIAL] How to make your Andriod Phone move Faster and Speeding.

STEPS 1 :- Open Your home screen menu of the  Andriod Phone. Click on the "setting tab"  scrow downward,   click on "About Phone" locate this "Build Number"  in some Andriod phone are located in the base section or  the top section of the Andriod Phone.

STEP 2 :- After locating the  "Build Number" double click on it (7) seven times. It will there display that "You're now a Developer mode".

STEP 3 :- Return back to the settings page. Your Developer icon is now enable. Click on it "Developer Option". After clicking on the "Developer Option" draw the ON icon to enable the Option.

STEP 4 :- Scrow down  and locate following section. :

*> Window Animation Scale.

*> Transition Animation Scale.

*> Animator Duration Scale.

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After locating the above drawn out, click on each and OFF  each. You're done!
Now, You reboot Your Andriod Phone. Enjoy Your smart Andriod Phone with full speed now!

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