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[ANDRIOD GUILD] Steps to Remove A Forgotten passcode/pattern From Your Andriod Phone

Hey Guys, welcome back. Here again we have a special tutorial to share out with You Guys. Today, we gonna be teaching You guy how to  remove a forgotten passcode/pattern on any Andriod Phone in a simple  way.  Android pattern lock, is more popular these days,  and it is something good to keep your Android  phone from unauthorized or unwanted access.  The most beautify way to secure Your Andriod Phone is by applying for pattern or  passcode, right? Yea! Over 92% of Andriod users does these to secure the vital files in the Phones.  But, But it is very usual, that you may forget your pattern or passcode you have enabled on Your device, and there it becomes annoying, when you are unable to use your phone anymore. "I LOST MY PATTERN/PASSCODE" Ah!

Today,  we want to announce to You Guys that this  has finally have a solution to "I LOST MY PATTERN/PASSCODE, HOW TO RECOVER THEM"  This comes in a very simple  ways to do this "Steps to remove A Forgotten passcode/pattern From Your Andriod Phone"  these comes in three differents simple  ways. If this doesn't work out deffinately the other ways should work out.

How to Unlock Forgotten Android Patterns Device
using Gmail Account

Removing  Pattern/passcode Using Your PC [CMD]

Removing Passcode/psttern Using the [POWER ON AND VOLUME DOWN]

Steps to remove A Forgotten passcode/pattern From Your Andriod Phone

In this first section,  to remove A Forgotten passcode/pattern From Your Andriod Phone this can't hurt Your datas which means Your datas are still secured from lossing. In the bellow following You will learn how this works without lossing Your  datas. So, follow the below instructions :-

How to Unlock Forgotten Android Patterns Device
using Gmail Account

Does this sound inferiotic or sound right, is this really true that You can use Your Gmail account to recover Your pattern/passcode lock? Yea! this is very 100% sure but, the only way it's gonna work is if the Gmail account is associated with the Andriod Phone. Now lets this tutorial begins.

FIRST STEP  :- You probably would have registered your device with your Google account, so after trying too  many patterns it should have given or should give
You a message similar to this saying,

“You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern  5 times. Please try again in 30 Seconds”  This is how it works out, after 30 seconds, try again, and this time it will give you another option, “Forgot Pattern“, here you are supposed to tap it and it will ask you your gmail account, so just need to fill in the
required info and it will then guide you furtherly.  That’s it, if you had registered your device, using your Gmail account.

Note :- while filling the form to recover Your pattern/passcode, You should use the Gmail associated with the Andriod Phone.

But if it happens that,  You  don’t know the gmail id with which it
is registered or any other reason. So, follow the bellow  instructions to remove the  Guilds To Recover Forgotten Pattern Lock On Android Phones Or Tablets
Thanks reading this. Passcode Pattern or forgotten Passcode Lock on Android.

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