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Joesmart - Peaceboy [Lyrics]

Joesmart - Peaceboy [Lyrics]

Itz ur boy joesmart!

Am steady Taking hiike!!

[Verse 1]
Ah no dey fyn trouble/
Mana icho, m nye gi double/
Eirr day we dey hustle/
Now boys gatt to bubble/
Igbagaria too much, m agba gi ka ball/
If you no dy talk Money, Ma cutuo the call/

Am humble, am cool/
Fa si nam di dope/
Play with my duh guy m beeyi ka roof/
Am a crook on the hook and my rap is cool/
When i ball in the hood, all the girls them dey full/

Abum a peaceboy, kpom pb/
Right now, fa jim eme they dp/
Egwu a kpochaa, biko repeat/ Anam ako Ede lyk my man Onix/

E don teh when ah dey hustle/
Baba bless my hustle/
Baba gimme grace abegi make ah dey bubble/
Even though ah no say bad belle go dey talk, bt ah dnt give a shit am just putting my worku/


Abum a peaceboy
The rich boy
okwa now fa na akpom troy
and am coming with my convoy, with convoy nigga.

Abum a peaceboy
the rich boy
Okwa now fa na akpom troy
And am coming with convoy, with convoy nigga.

Cool guy, dropping dope lines/
Day don break, Make ah go hustle tight/
Shine like nepa, na me dey give them Light/
Down on the stage, fans go dey clap/

With Nnukwu force coming/
Rap is cunning/
Am still single, seaching for the money/
No mr ibu, but the boy is funny/
My phone is down but your girl is calling/

Eze ebu na afo, Ogem erubago/
Ekene diri chukwu na egwum abanyego/
No Kachyvic Mana abum Ezego/
M nwete your show, i kill and go/

B4 twelve, eleven ga akwu/
Nwanne biko check your time, nao muah na akwu/
King of the game, fancha kum na azu/
When i step into the scene, the girls na anwu/



(rich boy)Yeeeh!
(peace boy)Uuh!!


Your boy joesmart!!
Iwota way??

Am steady taking hike!!

muna vic iyke!

oh oh
aah ah


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